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Welcome to the Ohio Region of NSTRA

Congratulations to the 2010 Ohio Region Elimination Finalists!

Region Elimination Final Six
R Howard, R Messner, B Vibonese Sr. M Clark, K McGivern, L Lockard

The Ohio Region Elimination Trial was held at the Columbia Game Club, Sullivan Ohio April 16 and 17.  The weather was not cooperative as usual for this time of the year in Ohio.  There were heavy rains on Saturday and Sunday brought gale force winds.  A special thanks to our officials for the event, Chairman Suvoyee Rudd Ohio Region President and Field Marshalls Rick Hill and Scott Joachimi.  Our Judges were Ashley, Bob, and Matt McCandless from the Kentucky Region and Brian McConnell from the Indiana Region.  Our hard working bird planter was Mike Mulberry, also from the Kentucky Region.   We are appreciative all the work they put in often under some miserable conditions to make the Region Elimination Trial a success.


During the break for lunch on Saturday, Region President Suvoyee Rudd chaired a Region meeting where new officers were elected.  Treasurer Don Stir also provided the latest region financial report.  The Region officers, board members and membership have all done a great job this year in keeping the region on solid financial ground.  It takes everyone’s hard work and dedication to make that happen.


Congratulations to our new Ohio Region Officers:  President Rex Messner, First Vice President Derek Plyler, Second Vice President  Mike Akey, Treasurer Don Stir, and Secretary Shawn Farrell.



Saturday evening a dinner, awards and auction were held at the South Cuyahoga Sportsman Association’s new club house.  Special awards were given as follows:

Novice Handler - Steve Detherage

Most Improved Handler - Tom Berry

Judge of the Year - Cephus Hogan

Dog of the Year - Deleijen Gus owned and handled by Derek Pyler

Sportsman of the Year - Jayne Abney


In appreciation for his dedicated service to the Ohio Region, Suvoyee Rudd Ohio Region President was recognized with an award.


The High Point Dog of the Year was Westwinds Might Moe owned and handled by Bob Vibonese Jr.  Moe was also the Ohio Region High Point Dog in the 2009-2010 season.


The Ohio Region Top Ten Dogs were recognized – each receiving a jacket embroidered with the dog’s name.

Doc - Randy Cunningham

Ben - Teresa Rudd

Dillion - Bob Vibonese Sr.

Shelly -  Deb Hronek

Ten - Tom Daniel

Dolly - Rod Howard

Jim - Teresa Rudd

Mindy - Derek Plyler

Moonie - Scott Joachimi


Thanks to everyone that helped to make the Ohio Region sucessful this year!


Bob Vibonese - Moe High Point Dog of the Year

Novice Handler of the Year Steve Detherage

Dog of the Year - Gus
Owned and Handled by Derek Plyler

On the Line for the Region Final
Rod Howard and Dolly, Bob Vibonese Sr. and Dillion

Rod Howard and Dolly - Region Eliminaton Winners

Mike in the Mud

Our hardworking judges, Matt and Ashley

Gettting some Pre-run advice

Most Improved Handler - Tom Berry

Sportsman of the Year Jayne Abney

Judge of the Year Cyphus Hogan