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Welcome to the Ohio Region of NSTRA

2012-2013 Ohio Region Amateur Point Standings
Updated 4-21-2013
Amateur dogs are eligible to compete in the Ohio Region Elimination Trial by earning five points in a season

Points: Trial Chairs for Open/Amateur Trials will need to provide the total number of entries to determine points to be awarded for amateur dogs.

Any dog that has 3 Open points or less, none of which can be first place points, is classified as an Amateur dog and is eligible for the Amateur division. An Open dog is one that has four (4) or more Open points or a dog that has earned first place points in the Open Division. Entrants are responsible for the proper classification of their dogs (Amateur or Open). An Amateur dog can run in either the Amateur or Open Division at the owner’s discretion until such time as the dog achieves any one of the following:

  • Amateur Championship status (18 points - 9 which are first place Amateur points)
  • Earns more than 3 points in Open Division
  • Earns any First Place point(s) in the Open Division

Dogs Name Owner Points
Jules Deb Hronek 16
Trigger Eric Westerholm 12
Kobe Michael Akey Jr. 10
Zeke Rod Howard 9
Macy Bob Vibonese Sr. 5
Sandie Dave Farrell 5
Belle Flint Gableman 3
Max Brent Close 3
Ted Deb Hronek 3
Zima Joe Lukcso 3
Dot Bill Keplar 2
Eve Bob Vibonese Jr. 2
Rev Bo Thompson 2
Patch Rod Howard 1
Skylar Deb Hronek 1
Zoar Derek Plyler 1