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Welcome to the Ohio Region of NSTRA

Congratulations to our Ohio Region Dogs and Owners!

Send photos of your dog and placement information to Region Secretary Shawn Farrell.







Kanawha Zack





Congratulations to Dick Motz and his English Setter Sammie.   Sammie earned a first time NSTRA Open placement with a second place finish December 19th, 2010 at the Wayne Coon Hunter's trial.







Hexmark's Marshall Dillon

George Zeck's Pointer Lizzy earned her first NSTRA Championship October 24th, 2010 with a third place at the Wayne Coon Hunter Trial.






Congratulations to Dave Farrell and his English Pointer, Dealer.   Dealer earned his  1X NSTRA Amateur  Championship Sunday September 5, 2010 at the Columbia Game Club trial.







Cracker Jack Tex

Kilbuck Marcy took a first place at the Isaac Walton trial in Penfield, on August 28, 2010, This was her first placement in the Open Division.  Marcy is owned and handled by Deb Hronek.

Jim's Run-n-Gun Jake

Congratulations to Dick Motz and Amber. Amber earned her 1st Championship title with a 1st place win on "A" Field  3-28-10 at Columbia Game Club.

Run-n-Gun Tommy Hawk

Congratulations to Matt Clark and his German Shorthair  - Lita!  Lita received her first time placement at Wayne Coon Hunters Trial April 18, 2010.

Moon Razor

Congratulations to Rick Hill and his setter, Charlie.  Charlie had his first Open placement at the Izaak Walton trial with a first place on Sunday, March 21, 2010.

Abby Road


Southern Shell, owned and handled by Deb Hronek, earned her first NSTRA Championship at the Fin, Feather & Fur Trial on September 19, 2009.   Congratulations to Shelly & Deb!



Fieldmasters Maximumpoint & Fieldmasters Woodland Cricket

Bo Thompson handled his shorthair Cricket to her Amateur Championship at Coldwater Michigan at their July 4th, 2009 trial   Congratulations to both.

Congrats to Lita and Colton!
1X Champion Dirty White GIrl earned her championship at Three Rivers Bird Dog Club on 2/9/13. She finished 3rd on A field on Saturday, 1st on B field on Saturday, and 2nd on Sunday A field.

Congrats to Sammie and Dick Motz on Sammies first place finish at Wayne Coonhunters 1/26/13. Making Sammie a 1X NSTRA Champion.

Congratulations to Cricket and Bo Thompson for their first Open Placement at Wayne Coonhunters on 11/26/11. First place in B Field. Way to go BoBo and Cricket.

Ron Simmons Three Rivers BDC member had a first time placement with his GS "Ike".    Buckeye Point Ike  took first place with 5/5 on the A field

NSTRA CH. Fieldmaster's Dark Knight of Trouble "Dutch" (Ch. Fieldmaster's Nothing But Trouble x Saddleup Hustler Von Boomer ) Owned and Handled by Rex Messner.

Congratulations to Crystal and Otis for their first time placement with a First Place in Amature at the Lakes and Trails Benefit trial held at Fur Fin and Feathers "Backing Pig" Trial grounds. 8/14/11









Cindy Ferguson's English Setter, Kanawha Zack earned his first NSTRA Championship title February 13, 2011 with a First place win at Three Rivers BDC.  "Zack" is handled by Bill Ferguson.











Motz's Samson




Congratulations to Bob Vibonese, Sr. and his GSP Dillon.   Dillon earned his first time NSTRA Championship with a second place finish October 24, 2010 at the Wayne Coon Hunter's trial.



Oaknoll's Thin Lizzy

Mr. Dealer


Teresa Rudds's English Setter, Cracker Jack Tex earned his first NSTRA Championship title September 11, 2010 with a First place win at Three Rivers BDC.  "Jim" is handled by Suvoyee Rudd.

Killbuck Marcy

Congratulations to Dave Abney and Jim's Run-n-Gun Jake.  Jake earned his first NSTRA Championship with a first place win Sunday May 23rd, 2010 at Pike County Bird Hunters Club, Indiana.

Motz's Rare Gem



Congratulations to Dave Abney and his pointer Tommy.  Tommy had his first time placement on November 9th at Three Rivers.






Congratulations to Scott Joachimi and Moonie.  Moonie's fist place win on the B field Saturday April 10, 2010. made him a 1X Champion!

Rick Hill and Charlie

Congratulations to Dick Motz and Abby Road on her first time placement.  Abby took 2nd place in the Amateur trial held Jan 30th 2010 at the Columbia Game club.



Southern Shell

Littermates, Stitch and Cricket both received their Amateur Championships this summer.  Stitch is owned and handled by Rex Messner.  Cricket is owned by Rex Messner and Bo Thompson and handled by Bo Thompson.   Congratulations to all four for a successful season!

Fieldmasters Woodland Cricket